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Welcome to our world! This keeps our friends occupied by reading some inane drivel about our lives.


Shirley finally retired - for how long? ....we shall see. Shirley has been a radar technician, an electronic QC technician, a teacher and a nurse. For a while, she avidly pursued a doctorate in Adult Education (mostly, I think, so that the MDs she worked with would have to call he "Doctor.") She has worked in a variety of medical organizations, was director of nursing in three hospitals, taught at NIU, did testing for the State of Oregon and lastly doing medical case work for Standard Insurance.

She has worked with a variety of youth groups and has always involved teaching wherever she worked.

Shirley is still active with a local Nurses Association.


Bill is a retired computer nerd. He started out as a radar technician and ran into his first computer (an analog type) back in 1955. He worked at Bell Labs for 29 years and then helped Standard Insurance go on line. He has also spent several years teaching electronics.

Mostly, he concentrates on volunteer work centered on Boy Scouts but has also included over the years: an English tutor with the Urban League, a canoe instructor and bloodmobile worker with the Red Cross and a camp waterfront coordinator with the Easter Seal. He also works hard in his role as curmudgeon grandfather.

lately Bill taught a class on How To Build Your Own Website with the OLLI groupa at USF Tampa.

Jun, 2015

It's great to have Earl here to take care of both house and yard maintenance. He also does a lot of the shopping and cooking.

Apr. 2014

Back in Oregon for good.

We donated most of the contents of the Tampa Condo an moved a few pieces of furniture, kitchen and dining stuff, and clothes to Oregon. The house is a mess with all that here, boxes every where.

Jan. 13 2012

Went to the OLLI Openouse yesterday. Met all sorts of wonderful people.

I now have a full set of coaches to help with the class. They're awesome! The OLLI staff have been wonderful, helping me get ready and making sure that we have all the tools and support we need.

Dec. 11 2011

Back in Florida. It was getting a bit fridgid in Portland and it's good to be back. Nate had joined us in Portland and is now doing his senior year at Sunset HS.

Off to USF tomorrow to check out the lab where my class will be next month. The lab is equipped with Macs, but we can boot Windows 7, I am told.

March 20. 2011

Back in Tampa. We have Nate here this week. It's good having another driver here.

Nate and I did the feeding tour at the Big Cat Rescue. He also went with me when I helped coach at the OLLIE computer class last week. We were teaching a bunch of seniors to use XP.

Why XP? They mostly just inherited their computers from their grandkids and XP was on it.

Feb. 15. 2010

Well, things changed a bit last September when I (bill) had a stroke that sort of disrupted my life. Luckily for me, Shirley was there and ensured that I got timely and proper medical attention, two of the top neuro-surgeons were on hand when I arrived and I had some splendid therapists at the rehab center.

We didn't make it Tampa until mid January. I'm not driving so we are flying back snd forth now, much as we hate the air port routines.

One of the first things I did when I got home (Portland) was to take Nate's and Dean's advice and buy a Mac. I got the big Notebook. I like the machine and the OS but the crazy touch pad is still pretty much a mystery to me. Also there doesn't seem to be a Mac version of Gvim (another mystery.)